Angelina Doesn't Want Her Kids to Grow Up

July 23, 2010 By:
Angelina Doesn't Want Her Kids to Grow Up

Angelina Jolie
is currently in San Diego for Comic-Con. We have been hearing a lot from Angie because she is promoting her movie, Salt.

The latest is that Angie is not ready for her kids to grow up and is thankful that she still has a few years before they start dating.

"I'm glad I have a few more years," Jolie told People magazine. "I'm not ready for them driving, dating. I'm not ready for any of it."

She did add that she and Brad are trying to instill good values at a young age so when they grow up they will be good people.

"Our plan is to just have a really, really great relationship with our children, so when they hit that time that they don’t want to talk to us, we've instilled some good values already," she says, "because it will be too late as they're walking out the door."

It's just so interesting how Angie becomes an open book every time she has a movie to promote.