Angelina and Megan Fox Up for Same Movie Role

September 10, 2009 By:
Angelina and Megan Fox Up for Same Movie Role

Megan Fox can deny she’s the next Angelina Jolie all she wants, but facts are facts! The two stunners are apparently going head-to-head for the same role!

According to reports, Angie and Megan are both being considered for a part in the new remake of Barbarella. Sources tell MSN that Angelina, 34, is feeling a little threatened by the 23-year old Fox.

A source revealed: "This will be the first time Ange and Megan have ever faced off for the same role. Ange is really feeling the pressure. Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

The insider added: "Megan is stunning and fast becoming a huge star. Angelina is petrified."

Jane Fonda played the original Barbarella in 1968, and was around 30 years old when she played the part. That’s right in between the ages of Angelina and Megan! So who do you think could pull off the role better?