Angelina and Brad Have "Not Split"

June 4, 2009 By:
Angelina and Brad Have

Brad Pitt has just started work on his new film Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. Since the film is being shot in Los Angeles and Angelina’s film Salt is shooting in New York, Brad is out west by himself.

The fact that the two are separated has of course led many to speculating that Brad and Angelina Jolie are dunzo. The National Enquirer is even running a story saying, "They will make it official. It looks like Brad will be shooting two movies in California and in the Amazon, while Angelina is retreating to their French chateau with the rest of the family. It's an official split.”

Well, there is really nothing official because the two have "not split" says their rep.

Meanwhile, Brad is really happy to be back at work saying, "Angie's been working, and I've got to be home a lot with the kids," he said. "Let me be the cliche -- it's really rewarding."

We’ve heard this split story so many times that it’s hard to take any of them seriously.