Andrew Garfield is Terrified of Becoming a Celebrity

August 29, 2011 By:
Andrew Garfield is Terrified of Becoming a Celebrity

Andrew Garfield is “terrified” of fame. He’s so scared of being a celebrity, he almost turned down his starring role as Spiderman.

“That was absolutely the one thing I questioned. I thought about it for a month, constantly.”

I imagine Garfield sitting in a window balcony somewhere, wearing a beret and a black turtleneck, wondering if he should take this role, “To be or not to be (Spiderman).”

He tells the LA Times how he’s wanted this role his whole life but doesn’t know if he can handle the fame. “It terrifies me. I just saw that I was given an opportunity to play a part that I’ve been wanting to play since I was a two-year-old.”

What two year old is like “I want to be Tobey Maguire’s successor in the very popular Spiderman franchise films, hopefully when I’m in my twenties. Also, I’m two and I like coloring!”

Obviously he said yes to the role, but he’s still acting like he only wants to be an “actor” and not a “celebrity.”

“I don’t want the rest of it. The visibility thing was the one thing that deterred me.”

Hey Garfield, if you didn’t have “the rest of it” you wouldn’t be hooking up with girls like Emma Stone…heyo! Those “spidey senses” are doing something right.

But Garfield is so serious about this role, he studied spiders to get the movement down right. “I studied spiders, I studied their movements and how they operate in the world and I tried to incorporate as much of that as I could.”

“He’s a boy spider in terms of how he moves and not just in the suit…The stillness of a spider and the lightness I found all of that very interesting to explore as well.”

In other Spiderman news, Garfield and co-star Emma Stone seem to be heating things up. Late last week Garfield and Stone shared an intimate dinner at Nobu in Malibu, and in Hollywoodland, you don’t go to Nobu with your platonic girly friend.

This date was fresh off the news that Jim Carey is inappropriately crushing on Stone. How you gonna protect yo girl, Garfield? “Uhh, go to Nobu? Get some sushi. Whatever?”

“The Amazing Spiderman” tells the story of Spiderman’s origins and stars both Garfield and Stone. It opens next year.