Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend Caught Kissing Another Man!

August 13, 2012 By:
Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend Caught Kissing Another Man!

Omg, Anderson Cooper’s live-in boyfriend Ben Maisani has just pulled a Kristen Stewart! No, he didn’t deliver a crappy acting performance that involved lots of lip biting, Anderson’s long term, live-in partner Ben Maisani was caught making out with a mystery man while sitting in the grass in a NYC park on Saturday.

Rumor has it that Anderson and Ben were supposed to get married in New York City next month! They have probably been planning their wedding while Ben was swapping spit with an unknown dark-haired hunk!

So many questions! Did they break up? Do they have an open relationship? Were they seriously getting married next month? Has Anderson tweeted anything yet? And also didn’t Ben Maisani learn anything about the paparazzi and cheating on your high profile boyfriend!

At first glance I thought maybe Anderson’s boyfriend was an actor and these were just stills from the set of a movie, but his partner Ben is the owner of a bar in New York called Eastern Bloc, so yeah, pretty sure he was cheating and NOT filming.

Cooper is very active on Twitter but so far has not written anything about it. He actually hasn't been on Twitter in two days, which is a decade for the active tweeter. Anderson also hosts a live talk show, meaning, until he addresses this cheating scandal, it will be the giant gay elephant in the room.

My best guess is that Anderson will release a statement about this. Sad day for Mr. Anderson.

Anderson and Ben have been together since 2009 and live in Anderson’s Manhattan townhouse, a converted fire station. They were reportedly getting married after the constant urging of Anderson’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.