Anderson Cooper to Interview Gerard Depardieu & Snooki on New Show

September 12, 2011 By:
Anderson Cooper to Interview Gerard Depardieu & Snooki on New Show

Anderson Cooper's got a new talk show out, Anderson, and one of his first guests will be Gerard Depardieu, better known as the guy responsible for Cooper's adorable giggle fit.

The show is set to debut on September 12th, and the day after, Debardieu will chat with our favorite CNN anchor. Depardieu made headlines when he peed on an airplane after being told he couldn't get up to use the lavatory. Cooper made headlines when he put Depardieu on his "Ridiculist" and couldn't hold in the laughter after delivering a slew of poop-related puns.

On a more serious note, Cooper's first guests on the show will be the Winehouse family. Specifically, Cooper says he interviewed "her father, her mom, her step-mother and Aunt and her boyfriend. It will be the first time any of them have spoken really since her death, so there’s a lot to talk, obviously, with them about."

Cooper's new show is a mixture of entertainment and information, with guests ranging from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Snooki. Yes, I said Snooki. A longtime reality show fan, Cooper admitted that he went on a tanning date with the pint-sized star. So how was the experience?

"[It was] one of the more odder experiences of my life, you know. And that’s not something I would have done in news, but she Tweeted me and invited me and I kind of thought that’s funny and that kind of would be funny. It was great, it was surreal to say the least. I mean not only to be spray tanned, but to just suddenly meet Snooki."

That one, I cannot wait to see. Perhaps that's why the public loves Anderson so much—because while he's considered a serious news anchor, he's also one of us. He has emotions. He laughs. He loves crappy reality TV. Most of us don't GTL with Snooki, but you get the idea.

"You know I watch a lot of cheesy reality shows, as do much of the population," Anderson told Hollyscoop.

But specifically referencing his interview with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the wake of Russell Armstrong's death, Cooper says there's certainly a less entertaining, more informative side to reality TV.

"We spent probably half the show talking about Russell’s suicide and weather or not the show should be on the air at all and weather they bare any responsibility or that reality TV bares any responsibility in what happened to him," Cooper tells Hollyscoop.

Having his own experience with losing a loved one, Cooper can relate to the issue.

"I had a brother that committed suicide and that was more than twenty years ago and I’m still trying to figure out why he committed suicide...You can’t put yourself in someone else’s mind, a mind that is not acting rationally or not thinking rationally."

Anderson will continue his spot at CNN, and no doubt, this show is going to be huge. It's already been hinted at that he's going to fill the daytime void that Oprah left behind. If Anderson is going to be as successful as it seems, it's because the sentiment is coming from the same place as his predecessor:

"Some of the work that I did with Oprah from 2005 on, I really started to see the connection you can have with viewers in daytime. You can really build meaningful connections and not just with viewers that are in the studio, but also with viewers at home."