Anderson Cooper Cracks Up About Gerard Depardieu

August 18, 2011 By:
Anderson Cooper Cracks Up About Gerard Depardieu

Anderson Cooper, usually a consummate professional, couldn’t help cracking up when he reported on Gerard Depardieu's in-flight urination. This just proves, no matter how old you get, toilet humor is hilarious.

On Tuesday, during a flight from Paris to Dublin, Depardieu was told he couldn't get up to use the restroom. So in retaliation, the French actor peed his pants. That'll show 'em!

On Anderson Cooper 360, the CNN news anchor added Depardieu to his "Ridiculist" segment.

"Depardieu created his own little jet stream," Cooper said. "Or as the French would say, oi oi."

Cooper chuckled a bit throughout his segment, making a slue of puns:

"I wouldn't have guessed he flies Incontinental," Cooper joked. The crew could be heard laughing off-camera.

Cooper then listed all the movies that Depardieu is known for, but calls his peeing incident his "number one role."

At one point, Cooper told his crew to, "stop laughing, it's distracting."

Anderson managed to keep it cool for most of the pee pee puns, but he lost his shit at "All I can say is they should thank their lucky stars it wasn't Depar-two." That's right, Anderson Cooper made a poop joke!

"Sorry," he laughed. "That made me giggle every time I read it."

The rest of the segment was totally lost, as Cooper just kept laughing, mostly over the Depar-two joke.

He struggled to come back, but it wasn't happening.

"I'm sorry," he said between laughs. "This has actually never happened to me. You see this sort of thing on YouTube and you never actually think—[hehehehehehe]"

From there, it was totally incoherent, as Anderson just held his head in his hands and laughed his ass off.

Anderson managed to bring it back at the very end when he said:

"If I know the European celebrity spin machine, and--I think I do—there will probably be some excuse, like he was doing research for a movie role. As we speak, I bet somewhere in Paris a screenwriter is furiously typing away a period piece about the potty-training misadventures of an overgrown, drunk French two year-old. His entourage says he wasn't drunk and he just tried to discreetly pee in a bottle. But I'm not sure that version holds water…It’s nothing but yellow journalism, and soon it will be flushed from our memories, so just go with the flow."