Wino's Mother Glad She Missed the Grammys

February 12, 2008 By:
Wino's Mother Glad She Missed the Grammys

Amy Winehouse's mother Janice was glad her daughter missed the Grammy's in Los Angeles because she doesn't think she would have been able to control her substance abuse problem if she came here.

Wino accepted her five Grammy's via satellite from London surrounded by close friends and family, which pleased her mother.

She says, "I think it would have been too much for her because all of the traveling and flying there, I mean seeing what the Grammy’s was like ... we could see it live from there and I thought if Amy were there, she'd be lost in it, she'd be a little girl lost in it."

She adds, "As you saw, she looks good and it's a case of she's on the road, and that's what it's about, she's on the road to recovery. It's Amy coming back, she's definitely on the way back."

Amy was photographed visiting her hubby Blake in jail right after her big win. She does look a little healthier, and at least she's actually wearing clothes and shoes, that's an improvement itself!

Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse has met another guy named Blake to hag with. Kelly Osbourne introduced Amy to Blake Wood, an American photographer. But this is the new and improved Blake. He doesn't drink or do drugs, or even eat meat! I wonder why Amy even wants to hang out with him. Blake numero uno will most likely have a shit fit when he hears about this one.