Winehouse Serenades Her New Man

January 8, 2009 By:
Winehouse Serenades Her New Man

Amy Winehouse was finally spotted doing what she does best...making music.

She’s currently in St. Lucia with her new boytoy, aspiring actor Joshua Bowman. And maybe he’s providing inspiration to Amy, who’s been lagging a little on the music making.

She was spotted at the hotel bar singing and playing the piano for Joshua, and the rest of the people there.

A guest of the hotel commented on Amy’s performance, telling the Daily Mail, “As soon as she finished playing she rushed over to Josh and was hugging and kissing him. Her voice was amazing. Everyone in the bar was amazed to hear her. She sang a few songs and looked to be really enjoying herself. Josh was obviously impressed. They were all over each other once she had finished singing, although they quickly moved outside to the terrace.”

Well, it looks like the days of Blake are long gone, and at least the new man is having a positive influence on Amy. Hopefully she’s going straight from the beach to the studio when she gets back to London!