Winehouse Offered a Movie Role

January 14, 2009 By:
Winehouse Offered a Movie Role

What’s with movie bosses handing out roles to messed up British singers who can’t even get their lives together? Lily Allen is reportedly up for a part in Dr. Who, and now Amy Winehouse is being considered for a movie role. Way to reward them for being complete screw ups!

Amy has allegedly been sent a script from Universal, and they’re interested in having her play a music teacher at a problem school in an upcoming film.

As soon as we heard this, we thought….Dangerous Minds remake, minus the hot Michelle Pfieffer? And that’s exactly what The Sun thinks too.

A source tells them, "The movie is a bit like Michelle Pfeiffer’s film Dangerous Minds. Playing a music teacher will allow Amy to use her singing skills. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is being talked about as her co-star. She has been offered an acting coach called Matt Ryan from the Royal Academy of Music Theatre Department in London. But she needs to improve her health and state of mind, or the opportunity will be withdrawn. You can’t have a teacher looking like a scrawny crack addict. It’s hoped the offer will be an incentive for her."

Well we’re all for Amy cleaning up her act, and using her singing ability to some degree! But we agree with the fact that there’s no way she can pull off the teacher look with the way she looks now! She needs a major makeover first. Oh, and rehab wouldn’t hurt.