Winehouse Moving In With the Osbournes

February 7, 2008 By:
Winehouse Moving In With the Osbournes

Forget the Brady Bunch, it's all about the Osbournes! Troubled singer Amy Winehouse will reportedly move in with the Osbournes when she leaves rehab. I'm sure she'll fit right in too!

The Osbournes have invited Wino to stay with them in their home in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

As soon as she leaves rehab, she'll be moving in because Kelly and Ozzy think she'll find it easier to recover from her addictions at their home rather than her North London home.

A source said: "Kelly has always been there for Amy, they are very tight. When Amy went into rehab, it was Kelly who picked out clothes to take in from her East End flat.

"She's patient, she has been there before with her dad and knew this time would come. Kelly is probably the most qualified of her pals to help look after Amy - she's certainly a better influence than Pete Doherty."

Anything is better than Pete Doherty, that guy is the poster child for addiction.