When Amy Attacks

April 24, 2008 By:
When Amy Attacks

Amy Winehouse could be joining her 'Blake Incarcerated' in the pokey after she allegedly attacked an old man in the wee hours yesterday morning.

According to reports, Wino attacked the man after he tried to help her get into a taxi. Wait, It gets better--The old man is one of three people Winehouse attacked in one night!

"Police are investigating an alleged assault on Chalk Farm Road at approximately 3:20 am on April 23," says a Metropolitan Police spokesman.

"A 38-year-old man attended Kentish Town police station yesterday where he claimed a 24-year-old woman assaulted him," she said.

The UK Sun claims Winehouse attacked two men, kissed another, trashed a bar and smoked drugs on a sidewalk.

Winehouse could face six months in jail if charged and subsequently convicted. She already looks like bloody hell. Someone should seriously check her pulse to make sure her heart is still beating, she looks like she's at deaths door.