Video: Amy Winehouse Booed Off Stage; Cancels Tour Dates

June 20, 2011 By:
Video: Amy Winehouse Booed Off Stage; Cancels Tour Dates

Amy Winehouse just won't quit. She’s been to rehab more times than we can keep count and the girl just can’t stay away from drugs.

Wino has been forced to cancel a large chunk of her upcoming European tour after a disastrous comeback gig over the weekend.

She was hired to sing at a Serbian show and singing is pretty much the only thing she didn’t do. She slurred her way through the performance until she was booed enough to stop. The show called it “the worst in the history of Belgrade.”

She showed up to the performance an hour late, which didn’t sit well with the 22,000 people who showed up to see her perform. She stumbled and mumbled through the song, dropped her microphone, and eventually wandered off the stage.

Just last month she checked into rehab again for the millionth time—stopping for booze on the way. Guess she wanted to go out with a bang.

Surprisingly, her rep says she’s still going to perform in Istanbul on Monday and Athens on Wednesday. Most of her other shows have been canceled for now.

"Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfill these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home," read the statement from her reps. "She would like to apologize to fans expecting to see her at the shows but feels that this is the right thing to do."

You folks better ask for a refund now before its too late! This girl became famous off a song about how she refuses to go to rehab so are we really surprised by her shenanigans?

She was supposed to start working on her third album this year, but ended up back in rehab again. She started drinking and abusing drugs heavily in 2005. She was hospitalized in 2007 and the stint was reported as an overdose of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and alcohol. She was arrested in 2007 for Marijuana possession. That same year the UK Sun released a video of her smoking crack cocaine and speaking of having taken ecstasy and valium. She was back in rehab in June of 2009 and again this past May.

Some things will never change—Amy Winehouse is one of them.