Report: Amy Winehouse Got Engaged Before Death

August 2, 2011 By:
Report: Amy Winehouse Got Engaged Before Death

Amy Winehouse may have been secretly engaged to boyfriend Reg Traviss.

Amy and Reg had been dating for a year and apparently Reg presented Amy with a diamond ring, "Reg asked Amy and of course she said 'Yes.'...They openly said they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They both thought the absolute world of each other," a source tells The Sun.

Amy was hoping that settling down with Reg would be the jumpstart she needed to get clean, "Amy was adamant about sorting herself out. Reg's proposal made her even more determined. She didn't want to carry on the way she was."

"She wanted nothing more than to be his wife and to start a family with him. She wanted to get rid of her demons so badly."

The couple kept their engagement a secret and Amy hasn't been photographed wearing an engagement ring, but this source claims that Amy indeed "was planning her future with Reg," especially because she desperately wanted to be sober.

Amy's dad hinted at something like this occurring when he said that Amy had conquered her drug addictions a few years ago and that she was "happier than she had been for years." Could this have been because of her engagement?

To honor Amy and help others avoid a similar fate, Mitch Winehouse has contacted British Members of Parliament to set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization that will help those with addiction who cannot afford private care.

"This isn't only important to me, this is important to our whole country. There's hundreds of thousands of young people in situations today that could be avoided," says Mitch.