Report: Amy Winehouse Gets a Boob Job

October 10, 2009 By:
Report: Amy Winehouse Gets a Boob Job

Amy Winehouse was under the impression that she needed bigger boobs in order to have her comeback so she's reportedly gone under the knife and gotten enhanced.

According to the Uk Sun, Amy has become so insecure with her body and image, she just spent $52,000 on cosmetic surgery, which includes new boobies.

A source tells the publication, "She looks amazing, like a new woman. Amy told us she wanted a new look - it's all part of her fresh start for her big comeback.

"We all feared she'd fallen off the wagon when she came in. Then we saw her bouncing around with these huge boobs which stand out as she's so tiny and skinny."

New boobs aren't going to help her get her career back. And it's really sad that she's under the impression that they will. She needs to get off the drugs and booze and clean up her act. That's what we want to see. Not Pamela Andersonesque boobs on a 80 lbs woman.