Paps Ordered to Stay Away From Amy Winehouse

May 4, 2009 By:
Paps Ordered to Stay Away From Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has won a small little victory in her life, amid the usual chaos that surrounds her. Over the weekend, she won an injunction to keep the paparazzi away from her house in London.

Amy, or more realistically her managers, sought to ban the photographers who constantly set up camp in front of her home. And now they must stay back at least 100 meters from the property.

A sign is now even posted on her door to let potential paps know they’re breaking the law if they come too close.

Amy’s team requested the ban last month, after she moved from her home in Camden, to a more sleepy neighborhood in Enfield.

This is probably more for Amy’s poor neighbor’s sake than hers! Imagine the circus of living next to her? What an annoyance!