Mitch Winehouse: Amy Will Die Slowly & In Pain

July 12, 2008 By:
Mitch Winehouse: Amy Will Die Slowly & In Pain

Amy Winehouse’s
dad Mitch doesn’t mess around when talking about his daughter. Mitch thinks that his daughter is going to die a slow and painful death if she doesn’t give up her current lifestyle.

?He says, "She will die. But it won't be from a drugs overdose. She will die from emphysema. That will be the most likely scenario if she doesn't check her behavior. We are talking about a long, slow, painful death - gasping for air. I would like all the people who would give her illegal substances to think about that."

Amy was taken to the hospital earlier this month and the doctors told her that she has what they believe is the early stages of Emphysema. Why is it so hard to get this girl to go to rehab? She seems to have escaped many times.