Ghosts Are After Amy

May 22, 2008 By:
Ghosts Are After Amy

What would a morning be without an Amy Winehouse story? Yesterday, we reported that Amy was photographed leaving her Camden home at 1:30am heading to a hotel.

Don't laugh but it turns out that Amy was trying to get out of her house because she feels that there is a ghost in there trying to hurt her.

She's even named the ghost that she believes lives in her house. Amy thinks that "Henry" is out to get her. She's apparently refused to return back home until her flat is exorcised.

A source close to the singer says, “She has a spare room in her house which she has been too terrified to redecorate because she believes a child died there. It has creepy airplane wallpaper and a weird feel to it.

Amy is terrified because she thinks he’s managed to take over the entire house and has brought bad spirits with him that are scratching and harming her.”

Ohhhh is that where she's been getting all her scratches from? Now we get it! Silly us. We just thought it was the paranoia from the drugs.