Getting Amy To Rehab

January 28, 2008 By:
Getting Amy To Rehab

How do you get a junkie superstar to admit they have a problem? Easy, let the press do it for you! Amy Winehouse had once said that 'rehab wouldn't cure her demons,' so how did they get her to agree to go?

Universal Music chief Lucian Grange convinced Wino to check into rehab by confronting her with a huge selection of press reports.

"Lucian got his international marketing manager to find and copy every piece of press from around the world. It took the guy two days," a Universal source told The Sun.

"Lucian then laid everything out in his huge office and summoned Amy. He told her to have a good look, then tell him she hasn't got a problem with drugs. It did the trick."

Winehouse checked into rehab that same week! If that trick worked on Wino someone should try it out on Britney. She's practically on every tabloid cover away, might as well get some good use of it!