Blake To List All Of Amy's Misdemeanors In Court

February 5, 2009 By:
Blake To List All Of Amy's Misdemeanors In Court

Blake Fielder-Civil may no longer be in love with Amy Winehouse, but he knows how to hit his wife right where it hurts.

The two of them are in the beginning stages of a divorce battle, and Blake is determined to show the world just how poorly she treated him during their “marriage.”

According to the London Paper, Blake is planning on compiling a list of all Amy’s misdemeanors in court, with the help of celebrity lawyer Henri Brnadman.

He’s also planning on getting in touch with all of Amy’s lovers she had affairs with while they were legally bound as husband and wife. We’d love to be a fly on the wall during that confrontation. Awkward!

A source tells the paper, "He wants to put together a case arguing that Amy is ultimately responsible for the breakdown in their marriage.”

“Blake is totally serious about this. He’s hired a top lawyer and is compiling a file of Amy’s errors throughout their short marriage, he’s even decided to contact the men Amy's meant to have slept with. Blake wants them to testify to prove that Amy was unfaithful during their marriage.”

Since their May 2007 marriage, Amy hasn’t exactly been faithful. It doesn’t help things that Blake has been in prison for most of their marriage, but it doesn’t give Amy free reign to cheat.

She’s even admitted to a couple them, like her assistant Alex Haines, and just a few weeks ago, she openly talked about her affair with actor Josh Bowman while the two vacationed in St. Lucia.

Will Blake turn out to be the one on top here? He hasn’t been able to get into any trouble since getting locked up. So now the tables have turned on Amy, and things aren’t looking good for her right now!