Blake Pimps Out Amy Winehouse for Drugs

April 20, 2008 By:
Blake Pimps Out Amy Winehouse for Drugs

When it comes to Amy Winehouse and her "Blake Incarcerated," nothing seems to surprise us!

Blake has apparently been trading nude topless photos of Amy in jail to feed his drug habit. He's also reportedly been trading photos from their honeymoon for a "Class A drug."

A friend said: "She'll be livid - the photos are her memories and for Blake to sell them is a real let down. Amy won't be able to believe he could stoop this low."

A prison source added: "Blake is in a bad way and is always desperate for any drugs he can get his hands on. Some of the photos are a bit racy but he obviously puts his habit before his wife."

Well a couple that does crack together, stays together. Do you think they'll split once he's out of the pokey? Or will they actually last?