Blake Asks Amy To Pay For Rehab

November 7, 2008 By:
Blake Asks Amy To Pay For Rehab

Remember a few nights ago when Amy Winehouse got into a fight with paparazzi outside her house? Well now we hear she may have had good reason to get angry.

That was the same day her husband Blake was released from prison, and apparently he never even told her he was getting out! We can chalk that up to a miscommunication. It's like like he could just text her in jail!

Strike two against Blake is that he allegedly asked Amy to pay for his stint in rehab, where he is right now. And it's a pretty penny for him to be in there...30 grand!

A source tells the UK Sun that Blake "has a lot of work to do" and their marriage is hanging by a thread. One said: "Blake thought he would click his fingers and she'd stump up the 30 grand. But so far she has refused. He's not happy."

Friends also say Amy doesn't care either way that she hasn't seen Blake in so long. Uh oh. They're a match made in crack heaven! We can't believe it's not working out!