Amy's Dad Wants Blake Out of the Picture

March 17, 2009 By:
Amy's Dad Wants Blake Out of the Picture

Trouble always seems to follow Amy Winehouse This morning she was at court pleading not guilty to assaulting a fan, and now the attention has turned back to her marital problems.

Amy’s dad Mitch thinks Blake is only still in the picture because he wants to take some of her money before leaving her for good. He says Amy is a “stupid girl” for still claiming to have feelings for her ex-husband, when it’s not her he wants…it’s her money!

He tells Closer magazine, “Amy wants to resolve the situation. She’s guilty of loving him, stupid girl.”

“I’m not saying she is going back to him, she just wants to talk. But I want her to get divorced. I want Blake and his family out of our lives.

“It’s the only chance Amy has. She nearly ended up dead thanks to him. He’s after £5million. Does he think we’re idiots?

“Amy’s a musical talent, but since she’s been with Blake she’s barely been able to perform on stage, let alone make a record.”

We have to say, Mitch has a point! Amy hasn’t done squat in over a year! Mitch is currently trying to take control of Amy’s fortune because he says he has her best interest at heart.

But we hardly think Blake will walk away with nothing. That never happens in celebrity divorces! Plus, Amy’s public infidelity on more than one occasion won’t help her in court. We’re not sure if Blake is the problem, or if it’s Amy herself. But one thing is for sure, they’re bad together!