Amy Winehouse's Parents Invited to VMA's for Special Tribute

August 26, 2011 By:
Amy Winehouse's Parents Invited to VMA's for Special Tribute

Don't ever let your parents watch anything on MTV. They will spend the next several weeks complaining about the degradation of society and wondering "What a Nicki Minaj is?" However, for Amy Winehouse's parents, they have been invited by MTV to attend the VMA's this Sunday.

Since the announcement that this Sunday's VMA's will feature a tribute to late singer, Amy Winehouse, MTV has extended an invitation to her parents to come attend the awards show. If they accept that would be so awesome, making Mr. and Mrs. Winehouse the raddest parents ever!

Organizers of the awards show have told E! News that they hope Mitch and Janis Winehouse will appear, "We hope so. We owe it to them. It would be amazing."

Once the tribute was announced, Mitch said, "Our family is honored that the VMA's are giving Amy this wonderful tribute." I hope they go to the show! Her parents have not been shy about speaking to the media, so hopefully they can be there to appreciate what MTV has planned in what will probably be a very tearful event.

Mitch continues, "We know that Amy's performance of 'Rehab' at the MTV Movie Awards played an important part in Amy's worldwide success."

No word yet on if mom and dad will attend the event and it seems like MTV would like Mitch and Janis to be worked into the tribute somehow, possibly by taking the stage at some point.

When rumors first began that the VMA's would have a Britney Spears tribute during the show I think a lot of people were wondering why there wasn't an Amy Winehouse benefit instead, well MTV got it's act together and is having Tony Bennett headline the Winehouse tribute.

While you may think Bennett doing a Winehouse tribute is a random pairing, Winehouse's last known recording is a duet with Bennett on the track "Body and Soul" to be released on September 14, which would have been Amy's 28th birthday.

This will be Bennett's first time on the VMA stage since the early 1990's. He will introduce the tribute and says the tribute will include never before seen footage of the two recording "Body and Soul" at Abbey Road Studios in March in London. No other word on what else the tribute will entail, "We're still working on it. Some pieces are still coming together." says MTV executive producer Dave Sirulnick.

Bennett only has praise for the late singer, "It was a thrill to record with Amy Winehouse, and when you listen to the recording of 'Body and Soul,' it is a testament to her artistic genius and her brilliance as one of the most honest musicians I have ever know."

Sirulnik says once they decided to do the Amy Winehouse tribute, it was an obvious choice, "She touched so many people and her music touched so many people. She influenced so many of the people who have come since. It had only been a few years since she burst on the scene but when you think of all those people she has influenced, there are so many. Her voice, her presence, and talk about the timelessness of her music."