Amy Winehouse's Neighbors Want Her Out

July 10, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse's Neighbors Want Her Out

Amy Winehouse's neighbors have had enough of the late night partying, the fans, and the drug dealers that are always hanging out around her house--and they want her out!

"This place used to be a nice, quiet area until Amy moved in," one neighbor told The Mirror. "She's nothing but trouble and every night she is partying. If she's not inviting friends around to live it up she is starting fights. A lot of us have complained to the council but we've been told we need evidence of any wrongdoing.

"I've already filmed some of the trouble Amy has caused on my video camera and I'll be handing it over to the council to have a look at. Hopefully something can be done."

Yikes, doesn't sound good for Amy. But she's already moved three times this year so one more move won't make a difference.