Amy Winehouse's Father Wants Her Committed

April 27, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse's Father Wants Her Committed

Amy Winehouse's father Mitch wants to have his daughter committed, because he is convinced it is the only way he can save her from her addiction to drugs.

He tells British newspaper the News of the World, "I want her sectioned. The situation is getting out of control. I want her off the street. I don't think being somewhere (in rehab) for six weeks is going to cure her problems. I think it needs far more radical measures.

"I've been on the phone to Amy's manager in Los Angeles and he's starting things rolling. They are going to be speaking to doctors, psychologists and everything else. Ultimately, it's the doctors who will decide if anybody is sectionable.

"I've told them (medical authorities) she is a danger to herself. There is evidence of self-harming and she's a danger to other people because she's attacked someone.

"Obviously as her dad I will try and do what's best for her. Unfortunately, what I think is best for her and what she thinks is best for her are two different things."

Way to go Dad for finally taking matters in his own hands. Hey, it worked wonders for Britney! Mitch should call up Jamie Spears for some advice.