Amy Winehouse's Dad Opens Up- Says Amy Died Happy

July 26, 2011 By:
Amy Winehouse's Dad Opens Up- Says Amy Died Happy

Amy Winehouse's father said at least he can remain uplifted knowing that Amy Winehouse passed away happy.

Mitch Winehouse says that Amy was “the happiest she has been for years,” and that of the night of her death “she was not depressed. She saw [her mom] Janis and [her boyfriend] Reg [Traviss] on Friday and was in good spirits. That night, she was in her room, playing drums and singing.”

“But knowing that she wasn’t depressed, knowing that she passed away happy –it makes us all feel better,” he states.

The public is saying that Winehouse’s passing is due to her drug abuse, but Mitch doesn’t think this is the case. He said she sobered up years ago, “Three years ago, amy conquered her drug dependency. The doctors said it was impossible, but she really did it. She was trying hard to deal with her drinking and had just completed three weeks of abstinence.”

To honor Amy’s death and to help others, Amy’s family wants to create the Amy Winehouse Foundation, “to help those struggling with substance abuse…In this country, if you cannot afford a private rehabilitation clinic, there is a two year waiting list for help…We are trying to change that.”