Amy Winehouse's Boobs Are Troublemakers

April 27, 2010 By:
Amy Winehouse's Boobs Are Troublemakers

Amy Winehouse's new boobs have been giving her a lot of trouble. Amy got her boobs done about seven months ago and she has been in the hospital multiple times because they are causing discomfort.

She had to go to the hospital once again because Amy fell during a night out which caused damage to her boobs, ribs and forehead.

A source said: "She'd had a few drinks. At first she thought she had broken something, so got her security to take her to hospital. The doctors were worried she might be concussed because she had a big bump on her head and a cut above her eye."

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Amy was apparently really drunk when she arrived to the private London clinic to get treated.

A source told The Sun: "Amy was running up and down the corridors with her top off and smelling of alcohol. She has been heard complaining of pain caused by bruising on her breasts and around her ribs. The nurses had to step in and ask her to calm down. Eventually she had to be taken back to her room. The ward sister was absolutely fuming."

Amy is still at the clinic because her agent claims that she really likes it there.

Her agent said: “She really likes the clinic so may stay a few days."

It's clear that Amy is still the wild child we're used to and we shouldn't really expect a comeback album from her anytime soon. Such a shame!