Amy Winehouse Won't Divorce Blake

January 18, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Won't Divorce Blake

Amy Winehouse has been on vacation for a pretty long time in St. Lucia and she'e been talking up a storm with everyone and anyone.

The Sun has an interview with Amy Winehouse where she claims to still be in love with her Blakey. "I still love my Blake. I won't let him divorce me," she told the newspaper.

Last week, Blake informed his lawyers to start divorce proceedings, but Amy is not accepting it and she claims she will stay in St. Lucia and wait for her husband there until he gets released from jail.

"Blake is the male version of me. We're perfect for each other. I don't want to go back home to England. I want to wait for Blake here," she reportedly said.

Meanwhile, when she was asked about the rugby player she was hooking up with while on vacation she said, "Josh was lovely. But it was a holiday thing. I've got my Blake."

Amy also claims that she hasn't been going any drugs in St. Lucia, but she's reportedly been stealing guests alcohol.