Amy Winehouse Wants a Baby with Blake

August 18, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Wants a Baby with Blake

Like a moth to a flame, like crack to a crack pipe, Amy Winehouse is drawn to her estranged hubby Blake Fielder-Civil and she just can't let go.

Word on the street is that Amy is planning a secret reunion with Blake because she wants to get pregnant and have his child. Her friends are terrified that after she leaves rehab, she's going to run back into his arms and the damaging cycle will begin all over again.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: "All her friends are worried. She has mentioned she might meet Blake when he leaves rehab in Sheffield.

"Even more worrying is the fact that she has been feeling broody. Her dad Mitch is going ballistic about rumblings of a reunion."

Amy and Blake have reportedly been communicating through a series of messages online, and she recently even made an emotional phone call to him begging for another chance.

Amy and Blake, who were recently granted a decree nisi, have both been trying to get themselves clean of drugs and it seems to be working so far, but when these two get together the only thing we can expect is trouble and trips to the hospital.

Blake is still in rehab following his release from jail earlier this year while Amy recently returned to London from an eight-month vacation in St. Lucia.

It's going to be really difficult for Amy's father Mitch to keep Amy away from Blake, especially since he's keen on rekindling their romance too. He said: "We've been talking for the first time in months.
I love her as much as ever. I know she still loves me, even though we're getting divorced. Maybe this time we can do everything properly and not mess it up.

“I want to take her out for dinner and propose again. I hope that within five minutes we'll be planning where we're next going to get married."

Translation: I'm hoping she starts making money again so I can marry her one more time and we can do lots of drugs together. Blake is bad news! Amy's father needs to send her back to St. Lucia and cut all communication with Blake! Or better yet, keep her occupied with a new album.