Amy Winehouse to Offer Aid to Sick People

June 9, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse to Offer Aid to Sick People

Now who thought this would be a good idea? Amy Winehouse plans on volunteering for the African Impact Medical Assistance charity project on St Lucia.

As part of her volunteer work, she will hand out medicines, prepare meals, work with children and even work in the maternity units.

A source close to Amy told Britain’s Daily Star: “Amy has always been very giving and she has fallen in love with the people in St Lucia. She now wants to do everything she can to make the islanders healthier and happier.”

There's no doubt in our mind that Amy is a good person with a good heart and she wants to do good, but she's in and out of the hospital as a patient almost every week. Maybe someone should take of her before she starts taking care of others.