Amy Winehouse To Help Drug Addicts

July 22, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse To Help Drug Addicts

Amy Winehouse is showing the first steps at trying to get healthy. She tells her friends that she wants to volunteer at rehab centers to counsel people with drug problems.

One of her friends, who has emphysema, says that Amy feels so good about herself that she wants to make a difference and give back to people who are battling addictions.

Did we miss something, because over here in the U.S. we haven't heard anything about her making any progress as far as rehabilitation goes.

But this friend of Amy's tells Heat Magazine that she not only wants to help other patients, but do charity events as well! The friend says, "She's spoken to rehab centers and addiction clinics about doing volunteer work and has offered to do some talks to the in-patients about her experiences and how she overcame what have been some of the hardest, darkest days of her life. Her family have been a rock for her and she feels like she owes others something."

Well this is definitely a side of Amy we've never heard about. We hope she sticks with her plan. With Blake stuck in prison for a while, she'll have less distractions! Hopefully her family can keep her on track this time!