Amy Winehouse To Be Forced Back to Rehab

March 3, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse To Be Forced Back to Rehab

Amy Winehouse's record label is expected to order her back into rehab this week. Wino met with the suits from Universal over the weekend to discuss 'the need for further treatment.'

Old habits die hard with Winehouse. Close friends of hers have already spoken out about recent binges. Just last week Wino allegedly even collapsed after taking a cocktail of illegal drugs and prescription medication.

A source tells News of the World: "All the optimism after the Grammys has gone. Amy is sliding towards oblivion."

The trainwreck needs some skin rehab too! According to People, Winehouse has been prescribed antibiotics after being diagnosed with impetigo, a contagious skin infection that usually appears as small blisters or scabs.