Amy Winehouse Spent Last Night Alive With "Mystery Man"

July 28, 2011 By:
Amy Winehouse Spent Last Night Alive With

UK paper, The Mirror, is claiming Amy Winehouse may have been with a “mystery man” shortly before she died.

After Amy was deemed healthy by her doctor around 8pm she slipped out to see her friends despite claims by her father that said she was just working on music in her room all night. But no one seems to know what she was doing during the time her doctor left and she was found dead the next day.

“She had a chaotic lifestyle and often she would head out late at night or even in the early hours of the morning to see friends,” says a source, “No one really knows what she did after she was checked on by her doctor at 8pm and before she was found dead at 4pm the next day.”

Officers looking into the case want to get a clearer picture of what Amy was doing and who she was with in the hours leading up to her death. Officers have already spoken to three “significant individuals.”

“There is a possibility she left her home at some point during the evening and some of her friends believe she may have headed out later,” says a source.

Kelly Osborne tweeted that she doesn’t trust these “friends” and “sources” who are suggesting that Winehouse wasn’t as clean and sober that night as her parents might think.

Osbourne tweets, “Any ‘friend’ of Amy’s talking 2 the press/tv are not her actual friends. Her real friends have more dignity then to get $ 2 talk about her.”

Regardless, what was Winehouse doing that tragic night?