Amy Winehouse Needs Tough Love

July 20, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Needs Tough Love

The tables have turned and this time around Blake Fielder-Civil’s mom is complaining about her daugher-in-law Amy Winehouse. She says that when Blake gets released from jail she’s gonna ask the judge to release him to his family. She wants Amy to get help before she can see her husband because she fears that the two will be disastrous once back together.

“I'm going to give the letter to the court usher to hand to the judge. I want Blake free but I want him in an environment that is safe - without Amy," Georgette told the News of the World.??

"We want the judge to send Blake home to be with his parents, brothers and grandparents…I know if he goes home to me, instead of her, Amy will go berserk. But what she needs is tough love.??

"Amy should get herself back into rehab and stay there as long as is necessary to get her off drugs.??"She needs to prove that she loves him enough to stop. Then, once they are both drugs-free, they can have a real future together."

Amy has been waiting anxiously for Blake to be released from jail. Chances are she will throw down with her mother-in-law if she forbids Blake to come home with her. Everyone seems to have mother-in-law drama, even celebrities!