Amy Winehouse Moving Back to the UK

July 11, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Moving Back to the UK

Amy Winehouse has outstayed her welcome in St. Lucia, and is finally going to head back home to London.

What started off as a Christmas vacation turned into a 7-month stay, and now finally after all these months, Winehouse has decided its time to go home.

A source tells Britain's the Daily Mirror, "It seems she is starting to overstay her welcome. She's been banned from hotels, the bars don't want her there and locals see her as a nuisance when she's drunk."

The source added, "She's lonely and wants to get back to what she knows. But she has to knuckle down. She's on a very fine line with the label and has pushed them almost as far as they will go."

The people of St. Lucia must be excited to see her go, but is the UK ready for Amy? She's had a hard time fighting her addiction in St. Lucia, and it's only going to get worse if she goes back home. Do you think there's still hope for Amy?