Amy Winehouse Loves Her Booze

September 7, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Loves Her Booze

Amy Winehouse never seizes to surprise us. Wino surprised Bestival event organizers this past weekend when she demanded 48 bottles of Jack Daniels whisky.

A Bestival source tells the UK Sun: “It’s common for artists to make requests for food and beverages before they arrive. But organisers have heard Miss Winehouse has ordered in an extremely large amount of Jack Daniel’s, in fact, a ridiculous amount that she and her team could not possibly consume during their short stay.

“With Amy’s record this can mean failure to perform or giving a shambolic performance. Whiskey is better than heroin — but not 48 bottles of the stuff.”

Amy has canceled more gigs than she's actually performed at. We don't quite get why event organizers still hire her, she's basically become a waste of money at this point.