Amy Winehouse is Such a Thug!

July 9, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse is Such a Thug!

Oh no…Amy Winehouse has done it again! Amy reportedly punched a person while drinking at Camden's Dublin Castle pub.

"She was in front of me at the bar and suddenly turned and walloped me three times across the face. It really stung
," Wayne Lindsay told the Daily Mirror. "I couldn't believe it. I hadn't said a word to her or touched her."

After she hit him, she stormed out of the bar. This is the third time in two weeks Amy has been accused of hitting a complete stranger. On July 7, she allegedly hit a fan trying to take a picture of her and she also hit another fan while on stage at the Glastonbury festival.

For being such a tiny girl, Amy is one tough cookie. She has no fear as to who she is hitting. One day someone is just gonna snap and bring her down. Be careful Amy! Meanwhile, her Blake incarcerated is going to be sentenced today so expect some interesting drama!