Amy Winehouse Is Still A Junkie

October 14, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Is Still A Junkie

News of the World is reporting that Amy Winehouse has found a new toy to keep her occupied while she slowly destroys her career.

Amy, 25, was allegedly given a brilliant idea by her pal and rumored onetime fling, Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall, to make cotton candy laced with cocaine.

A source told the tabloid, "It was Mik’s idea. The candyfloss machine was Amy’s pride and joy and he thought it would be funny to give it a boost. He and some pals sprinkled a wrap of coke into the mixture and Amy started eating it before she realized what they'd done. She now thinks it's a hoot to do the same."

Let's just hope this stupid and dangerous idea doesn't somehow find it's way over to the US.