Amy Winehouse Is a Nightmare

August 13, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Is a Nightmare

Amy Winehouse tops the list of public figures who haunt Britons' nightmares. Isn't that charming?

The survey was given to 3,500 people conducted by hotel chain Travelodge. The respondents claim that they sometimes "wake up sweating, in a panic, crying, or shaking when they are having nightmares."

The top 10 public figures that appear in nightmares are:

1) Amy Winehouse

2) Marilyn Monroe

3) Gordon Brown

4) Pete Doherty

5) The Cheeky Girls

6) Simon Cowell / Kerry Katona

7) Cherie Blair

8) Jodie Marsh

9) Heather Mills

10) Alistair Darling