Amy Winehouse: I'm Not Out of Control

January 16, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse: I'm Not Out of Control

Amy Winehouse may be stealing drinks from hotel guests and pissing off staff with her bipolar behavior, but she insists she's clean and she's just having fun.

Wino was photographed on the floor of a restaurant at the exclusive St. Lucia resort she's been staying at sneaking up behind guests and stealing their drinks, because the hotel staff refuses to serve her alcohol.

But she has spoken of her antics, insisting: "I'm not out of control. Yes I've had a few drinks but I'm on holiday - I'm just young and having fun."

This is the same woman whose idea of "fun" was smoking crack and making trips to the hospital for overdosing.

Where's her dad Mitch? He needs to get her back on check. Is she ever planning on leaving that resort? She seems like she's getting bored of being there, and that can only lead to one thing.