Amy Winehouse House Hunting in St. Lucia

February 19, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse House Hunting in St. Lucia

We have sad news for the residents of St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse is currently house hunting so she can call the Caribbean island her home.

According to sources at the UK Sun, Amy and her dad Mitch have been looking for a home for Amy and even found "a few potential places this weekend."

“Amy loves it over there and being away from it all has helped her hugely in her fight against drugs.

"She has been drinking and smoking cannabis but is still a million times better than she was in Camden," said a source close to the singer.

“Her family think the best way to keep her out of trouble is to have a house in the suburbs and a place in the Caribbean where she can totally get away.”

Aside from her recent hospital scare, Amy has been doing fairly well in St. Lucia. Granted cannabis is still a drug, it's better than doing heroine and crack, which is what she was addicted to before her trip to St. Lucia.