Amy Winehouse Hospitalized

February 1, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Hospitalized

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse, who is currently in rehab trying to kick her drug addiction, has been admitted to a hospital after she suffered from "dangerous levels" of dehydration.

Wino has been in rehab for one week but left the rehabilitation center to seek help at a private London clinic on Wednesday evening.

A source tells British newspaper the Sun, "Amy was looking very pale and thin. She looked ropey and exhausted. Let's hope she hasn't taken a turn for the worse."

Wino's father Mitch confirmed his daughter is suffering "horrific" withdrawal symptoms. He says, "Amy is OK. She is making progress but will be in rehab for a long time."

Wino was planning on making it to the US for the Grammy awards on February 24th but it doesn't sounds like she's healthy enough to even walk, much less perform or appear at an awards show.