Amy Winehouse Home Robbed, Lyrics and Tracks Stolen

August 11, 2011 By:
Amy Winehouse Home Robbed, Lyrics and Tracks Stolen

If there wasn't already enough tragedy surrounding the singer's death, burglars have now broken into Amy Winehouse's home.

Twenty people have access to her home, and following her death on July 23, unreleased tracks, lyric books and letters have been stolen. The twenty people are comprised of family, friends, security and police. Her management are also unable to find one of Amy's favorite guitars.

Winehouse's father, Mitch, is currently on vacation trying to cope with his grief, and he is obviously angry and upset, and has vowed to find the guilty party. An insider close to the family said:

"This is such a sickening shock to the family. That someone would stoop so low. They can’t get their heads around it. Mitch is livid. The family, record label and management are months away from deciding what to do with any unreleased music. For that to be taken out of their hands is horrible."

It really is a low-blow. It's hard enough for her friends and family to mourn the death of a loved one, but something like this only makes it worse. Mitch is trying to give the thief a chance to "do the right thing" and return the items, otherwise he will get police involved.

"Mitch is willing to give whoever has stolen the items a chance to do the right thing and put them back so it doesn’t have to get messy."

Winehouse's ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is also rumored to be planning to write a tell-all book. Fielder-Civil is currently serving a two-year prison sentence for armed robbery and firearm offenses. The couple had a very public, tumultuous relationship. According to The Sun, he has been planning to write the book ever since Amy became famous, and he also has hours of footage and photos he plans to release.

Tacky, yes, but the guy's in jail for armed robbery, so he's not exactly Emily Post.

Winehouse recorded some songs prior to her death that are set to be released next year. Her family revealed that the songs document her divorce from Fielder-Civil. It's said to be as "autobiographical as ever," focusing on how she dealt with the break up.

The material will be used with vocals from Winehouse and contributions from friends. The proceeds are supposed to be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity that Mitch wants to set up to help people overcome addiction.