Amy Winehouse Heads Home To Save Her Marriage

January 27, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Heads Home To Save Her Marriage

Maybe Amy Winehouse isn’t quite over her Blake Incarcerated after all!

After showing signs of being way over him while she vacationed in St. Lucia, Amy has seemed to turn another leaf. According to a new report, Amy is packing up her suitcase in the Caribbean, and heading back to London.

She’s applied for permission to visit her Blakey in prison in a final desperate attempt to save their marriage.

According to The Sun, Amy is vowing to salvage their relationship by visiting him in jail and persuading him not to go through with the divorce.

Hmmmm, something is fishy here. One day she’s totally over him, hob-knobbing with a new man, and the next day she suddenly wants to save her marriage? Sounds more to us like she wants to save her assets from being taken away by Blake in the divorce!

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Since he began divorce proceedings, Amy has decided she wants to try and work things out. She has applied to visit him in jail in Britain and if he accepts she will fly back. We will see what is his priority - Amy or her money."

Just another cracked-out day in the life of Amy! Will she ever put her health as a number one priority?? It’s obvious her marriage isn’t going to work out, so what’s the use?