Amy Winehouse Has a New Man

April 17, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Has a New Man

Amy Winehouse has found herself a new toy to keep busy with. Wino is reportedly getting hot and heavy with a local waiter named Junior in St. Lucia. Apparently her new boy toy is even helping her house hunt in the area.

A source tells, "Amy has been letting her hair down on the island and is enjoying being single. She instantly clicked with Junior and is just having a bit of fun. It's very early days but she loves spending time with him.

"They were snuggling into each other as they walked around the villa, taking in the spectacular views. It is in a very secluded area, with four bedrooms and a huge swimming pool."

Looks like Junior scored big time. He's about to become a celebrity overnight. Hope he knows what he's getting himself into! Let's just hope he isn't into the same "hobbies" that she used to be into.

Meanwhile, Amy is reportedly in talks to write children's books. Yes, children's books. Try to contain your laughter. Apparently being on holiday in St. Lucia has encouraged her to express herself more. And she figured children's books would be a good start.

No word on what the subject will be about, but something tells us moms won't be flocking to the bookstore to pick it up.