Amy Winehouse Going Back to Rehab?

March 26, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Going Back to Rehab?

It's that time of week again! We haven't heard a "Amy Winehouse is going to back to rehab" rumor for a few weeks so lets get to it!

Wino is apparently 'considering' going back to rehab because life in London has "too much temptation." Well duh! If you're out partying until 6AM every night, it's going to be a problem no matter what city you're in!

A source tells the UK Sun: "Amy has admitted she needs to check into rehab again. There are too many temptations for her in the U.K. - people around her in London are making it impossible for her to stay clean for any length of time."

Lets be honest here, even though we all want Amy to get clean and make some damn good music again, this is the girl who shot to fame over a song about how she wont go to rehab! Basically, don't hold your breath for an intervention just yet.