Amy Winehouse Goin Country?

September 11, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Goin Country?

The city life has done Amy Winehouse no good. She's either photographed in the wee hours of the night looking haggard, or she's being thrown in jail or rehab again. But all that might change with a move to the country.

Amy has reportedly fallen in love with a $1.5 million country retreat in Suffolk, England. It's a seven-bedroom farmhouse, complete with stables and a barn on three acres.

A source tells the Sun, "Amy has been looking for something in the area — and this particular place really is the ideal location. It is a really quiet, hidden spot where she would be away from the chaos of her life in London and could concentrate properly on getting her life back on track again."

We're all for a change for Amy! She hasn't had any luck in her personal or professional life living in London, so we think a change is good.