Amy Winehouse Goes to Rehab

January 22, 2008 By:
Amy Winehouse Goes to Rehab

Singer Amy Winehouse has finally said 'yes, yes, yes' to going to rehab!

Winehouse finally agreed to go to rehab after footage of her allegedly smoking crack cocaine surfaced on the internet.

Wino was seen leaving her East London home this afternoon in a Mercedes and headed to the Edward House private rehabilitation clinic in North West London. Wino, who is back to her signature hairstyle and color, had to be escorted into the facility by security.

Wino's father Mitch accompanied her to the rehab center to make sure she gets situated. Let's hope she doesn't pull a Britney and make a beeline out the door after 1 day. Either way, she's headed in the right direction so we wish her the best!

UPDATE: "Amy is not in rehab," her rep says. "She was seeing a doctor who she regularly sees as part of her ongoing treatment. It was a regular appointment which she attends all the time. She has not checked in overnight."