Amy Winehouse Gets Robbed

January 30, 2009 By:
Amy Winehouse Gets Robbed

Amy Winehouse has been on a very looooong vacation in the Caribbean. It's been so long that while she has been on vacation, her husband has filed for divorce and now news has come that there was a break-in at her house. Maybe she's just trying to escape reality so she's staying in St. Lucia. We've all wanted to escape reality at one point in our life, Amy has just extended her escape.

A burglar broke into Amy's London home and reportedly stole some valuable guitars and recording equipment.

"Amy is upset, of course. But everything can be replaced," her rep, Chris Goodman, told People Magazine. "From her point of view, her favorite guitar is with her in St. Lucia. It was a special present, given her by [record label] Universal for winning the Grammy awards last year."

It was probably one of her old junkie friends that ran out of drugs and can't afford to buy it because Amy's out of town, so they decided to take stuff from her house.